Zach Sarette

Tokyo, Japan

Front end developer.
Former full stack web and game developer.
Can't live without vim or at least vim key bindings.
learning piano and playing board games with friends online in my free time.


8 bit binary quiz app screenshot

8 Bit Binary Quiz

This is a PWA quiz app for converting 8-bit binary numbers to decimal and vice versa.

beautiful-cat-facts screenshot


This is a VueJS cat fact application

View hundreds of cat facts and enjoy cute pictures of cats. There is also a mini card game built in. Relax and enjoy beautiful-cat-facts

Deteriorating Dad Screenshot

Deteriorating Dad

This is a game built for the Global Game Jam 2020

I did the art, the web build, and fixed the audio system during the game jam.

After the jam, I fixed all of the major bugs, improved the game play, ui, and sfx. And finally I localized the game from Japanese to English.

Piano Toy screenshot

Piano Toy

This is a toy piano app made with VueJS and ToneJs

Works on both mobile and desktop platforms

a 404 page screenshot

404 Error

This is a simple responsive 404 error page.

a reusable-components page screenshot


A web page with reusable components for various situations.

a JSON Random Data Generator App page screenshot

JSON Random Data Generator

A Generator for Random Json Objects. You can save to a json file. Great for a quick mock up. Progressive Web App (PWA).

a reusable-components page screenshot

Super Todo List

A simple todo list app made with ReactJS.